Cpt. John P. Lyon

Hero Profile - Vietnam

Address when enlisted - 45 Joy Place

Date of Sacrifice April 18, 1969 - Age 25

Text of Memorial Dedication on November 11, 1996

Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, my name is Glenn Pratt, welcome to the dedication of John Paul Lyon Square.

The Reverend John Mulvehill of St. Anthony’s Parish will now give the benediction.

My first personal experience with John the leader was in 1959 as a member of his patrol in Boy Scout Troup 28, he was an aggressive leader and a mentor to the young scouts. His graduating class at Cohasset High School voted him Most Talented and most noted for his smile. After graduating CHS in 1962, John attended Northeastern University, then transferred to Norwich, there John found his calling; the military. A 1966 graduate of Norwich John began his military career at Fort Knox, KY, in September, 1966.

Captain Lyon served as an instructor at the Allied Offices Training Center, Fort Knox, KY. He trained there for eleven months before his August 1967 assignment as a Brigade Adjutant 2nd Brigade 2nd Infantry at Panmuajom, South Korea. On his departure from that assignment John received a letter of appreciation from the Korean Army headquarters Lesion Officers Group Commander. Anxious to move his military career ahead John volunteered for a tour in Vietnam. In September, 1968 he took a command in Troop B, 7th Squadron, 1st Air CAV, 164 TH AVN GP in Vietnam. During his eight months in Vietnam John was awarded:

  • The Bronze Star with “V” for Valor for his heroism in ground combat
  • The Bronze Star First Oak leaf Cluster
  • The Bronze Star Second Leaf Cluster
  • The Air Medal for meterious achievement in aerial flight
  • And the Purple Heart.

On the morning of April 18, 1969, during a renaissance mission in Northwestern Kan Throng Province, while moving to organize and give guidance to his troops, after entering an enemy mine, field, John was killed. Two weeks after his 25th birthday.

We dedicate this place today, near John’s boyhood home and final resting place, as John Paul Lyon Square, we should reflect for a moment on the quote John printed in his high school yearbook “Peace be within thy walls.”

At this time I would like to introduce John’s brother Jim, who would like to say a few words for the family.

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