BT3 R. Edward Maree

Hero Profile - Vietnam

Address when enlisted - 31 Parker Ave.

Date of Sacrifice July 11, 1969 - Age 20

Ladies and Gentlemen, good afternoon. My name is Joe Hamilton and I would like to welcome you to the dedication of the R. Edward Maree Memorial Landing.

The Reverend John R. Mulvehill will now give the benediction.

As friends and family we are here this afternoon to dedicate this landing to R. Edward Maree. Eddie was born August 26, 1948, attended Cohasset High School and left our community in the service of his country with the United States Navy on September 16, 1965. Eddie served two tours in Vietnam - shore duty in My Tho and in the Gulf of Tonkin aboard the USS John King.

We lost Eddie July 11, 1969 as with all the veterans we remember this time, and we embrace his memory. It is fitting that this landing become Eddie because he loved the harbor. He had a boat, and he spent much time with it. Therefore, with this dedication we will always remember Eddie as a son, a brother, a friend and a neighbor never to be forgotten in our hearts.

Thank you Eddie.

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