SP4 Allen F. Keating

Hero Profile - Vietnam

Address when enlisted - 514 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy.

Date of Sacrifice October 19, 1969 - Age 21

Member of The Cohasset High School Class of 1966

Text of Memorial Dedication on November 11, 1996

Good afternoon, I am LTC Joe McElroy, US Army (Ret), and I would like to welcome family members and friends to the dedication of the Allen Francis Keating Memorial Square.

The Reverend John Mulvehill will now give the benediction.

Specialist Fourth Class Allen Keating was born August 1, 1948, and graduated from Cohasset High School, Class of 1966. Allen was the football team’s quarterback and an All-Scholastic. He was Captain of the High School Baseball team and participated in a wide variety of community and school activities.

Allen went to Arizona State University from which he was drafted into the Army. After basic and advanced training; he came home for Christmas leave, 1968. He left for a tour of duty in Vietnam the first of January 1969. After nine months of combat, he took a week’s leave in Hawaii where he married his fiancée, Anne Noonan. Following an all too brief honeymoon, he returned to his Unit, Company C, 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Division.

Allen died October 19, 1969, while leading his Squad and its Armored Personnel Carrier. He was cited for conspicuous valor and awarded the third highest decoration this country can bestow: the Silver Star as well as two Purple Hearts and other numerous awards.

Years ago, my father-in-law paid tribute to Allen and all the young guardians of our Nation’s freedom who made the ultimate sacrifice:


Forever is not just today.
But all the years he gave away,
That bright our land might stand stay.
Forever in the minds of men,
The memory of his valor then,
Shall lift the heart, again, again---

Forever foremost in our pride,
His starlit deeds have glorified
The deathless things for which he died-

Therefore, we remember Allen today, with the dedication of this Memorial Square. A friend, neighbor, brother, son, and husband, to never be forgotten in our hearts.

At this time, Tom Keating, Allen’s brother, will speak for the family.

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